Sunday, June 7, 2015

Now Hindus Are Doing It!

In India, members of a radical Hindu sect are telling Christians to “get ready to convert to Hinduism or die!” I guess they saw how well it was working for Muslims, so they thought they'd join this “fastest growing 'religion' in the world” by adopting their tactics. But it ain't gonna work, folks. Christians aren't the “lily-livered” fools the Muslims are used to bullying. If ANYBODY comes to me and demands that I convert to their religion or die, THEY can depend on dying—immediately. I won't be told, by ANYBODY what religion to subscribe to—if ANY. That's MY decision, and I'LL make it. Anybody who threatens me with death for not converting to his religion can depend on becoming “holy” and I don't mean religious “holy.” (CNS News)

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