Friday, June 12, 2015

Where Was Sharpton?

A family was viciously attacked in their home, beaten and stun gunned, and, uh, Sharpton is nowhere to be seen. Where is he with his built-in TV cameras and media blatherers? Maybe the fact that the victims are WHITE and the attackers BLACK might have something to do with it. Black attackers and white victims do nothing to advance his narrative and make him money. So naturally, he has better places to be. He just doesn't care when blacks attack whites. Somebody needs to tell Obama this guy is nothing but a thug himself, and a “race whore” who makes his money PUSHING racism, so you'll never see him anywhere NEAR a situation where blacks are the attackers, and especially when whites are the victims. But Obama already knows. That's why he likes him. He is SO transparent. (World Net Daily)

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