Sunday, June 14, 2015

You Didn't Do That!

That's what Obama says, trying to take accomplishment away from those who actually ACCOMPLISH things. It's apparently not enough for a liberal to PUNISH accomplishment when it occurs, now they want to DENY it, too. He thinks, since the world is peopled by those who do accomplish things, he can take the credit away from them and give it to other people, who don't, just because they also accomplish things. Just because electricity exists, don't think the achiever couldn't accomplish anything without it. Somebody who is capable of accomplishing things will do it, whether there is electricity, or roads, or anything else in the infrastructure. Da Vinci didn't have electricity, but he invented many things. He did what he did with what he had. Nor did any of the other many achievers in the past. Obama seems to think that, if anywhere, anybody is accomplishing something, YOU can't be accomplishing something too, without the other guy. That's a typical liberal (socialist) fool notion that you NEED the other guy in order to accomplish anything, yourself. That you should always “share” credit with others, even if they don't deserve it. (Just common sense)

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