Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Bias Is Obvious

And they don't care. There's a clear bias in DC when it comes to "investigations." Hillary was under investigation all during the time she was running for president, and the "investigators" did everything they could to keep her from being proven a corrupt fool, which she was--and IS. She orchestrated a scam to make sure her chief opposition in her own party, socialist Bernie Sanders, didn't have a chance to be the nominee by creating a "super delegate" system whereby no matter how many primaries he won, she always came away with more delegates. Then in the election itself, she only made "swipes" at campaigning, because the Dumocrats figured "it was in the bag" for her to win because of their successful voter fraud in many places. She operated an illicit e-mail mill with her own private server, against government rules and possibly the law, and the "investigators" ruled her guilty, but refused to indict her because "she didn't mean it." They absolved her before they even asked her a single question under oath. All this is provable. The world is aware of her crimes, but she doesn't care. The "fix is in." Then Trump won, and their world turned upside down. They have been "investigating" HIM ever since, and have come up with not a single shred of evidence to show him guilty of anything. Their "investigation" has been reduced to indicting a few peripheral figures, for "process crimes" and raiding the office, home, and even hotel room of his personal attorney, thus circumventing "client privilege," and touting the unproven story of a former porn star that he had an "affair" with that lasted one night, and she wanted to tell the world about it. Why, I don't know. Maybe because the Dumocrats are paying her to do it? Her story is something that does not rise to any level of importance, even if it were true.(Just common sense)

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