Monday, April 16, 2018

It Takes All Kinds

"Chic-fil-A" opened a location in New York City recently, and "triggered" the liberal "snowflakes." Even though they have been selling a sandwich every six seconds and "Chic" is going to open many more NYC locations, some "snowflake liberals" say "there's no room in New York for Chic-fil-A." What the hell is wrong with these bozos is beyond me, So the owners are Christian--so what? What the hell good does it do these ignorant fools to put down a fast food franchise because of the religion of its owners? They're only showing their ignorance. But then, we knew liberals were ignorant, anyway, didn't we? I'm not big on religion, but I believe EVERYBODY is entitled to believe in any way they see fit, without interference from fools who believe otherwise. I don't know what it is about liberals who think they have the right to dictate to others what they may think. But they've always been that way, and it's only arrogance, on their part. For my part, they can take that arrogance and sit on it while it disappears. (Allen West)

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