Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Prosecutors Hate Self Defense

In a recent case where a girlfriend's husband attacked a man and he shot him, the prosecutor said the injures "weren't serious enough to warrant shooting." Apparently, this prosecutor wants him to wait until he gets some SERIOUS injuries before he defends himself. Maybe even serious enough to kill him. Luckily, the jury disagreed, and acquitted him. What an ABSURD wish that is! When you're being attacked, you don't have time to register the "seriousness" of the injuries being inflicted on you before you defend yourself. The attacker wasn't killed, but not due to anything HE did, or didn't do. In the heat of an attack, the victim can't be required to wait for a serious injury before defending himself. That's absurd, and an obvious LOSING argument in this case. This is more evidence that some anti-gun fool prosecutors will stretch things unmercifully to stop law-abiding people from defending themselves, even if the law allows it where they are. (Wheel Gun)

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