Monday, April 16, 2018

A Silly Question

There's a "poll" going on right now, asking, "Should President Trump resign right now to avoid the embarrassment of a possible impeachment?" What a silly question! There is NO REASON for him to be impeached. Impeachment for him is simply a Dumocrat pipe dream. They hope to regain the majority in the Congress and THEN file "articles of impeachment" against him they HOPE will work. That's a mighty big hurdle for a party that is so IGNORANT on what the American people really want. It is that ignorance that got Trump elected, in the first place, and he has done NOTHING to warrant impeachment. In any case, any attempt to impeach him will be stoutly fought. And he has a habit of winning the important fights. He won't go down easily, even in the "forlorn hope" that Dumocrats do win back the majority. Trump is doing exactly what he promised to do: "drain the swamp." And the "swamp" is fighting back, but they don't know how to prevail against such as Trump. Everything they've tried has failed. Meanwhile, more people love him than hate him. It is only liberals and Dumocrats who hate him. (Just common sense)

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