Friday, April 13, 2018

Blabbermouth Pelosi

Nancy Peelosi spent 8 hours haranguing the house in favor of her "Dreamers" problem. Yet she still persists in blocking other important legislation to hold up Congress, to do it. She actually set a length record with this "speech" (filibuster). She really thinks that will change things in her favor. It won't. Nobody but her "acolytes" want to listen to her blab. I noticed the people around her changed in different feeds from her "speech," as people got enough and walked out. As to me, I can't stand to listen to her say even one sentence, because it's usually a lie, or a misrepresentation. One thing that remains constant in DC is Peelosi and her cohorts opposing ANYTHING Trump supports, even if it is something they previously worked hard to accomplish. It's that "Trump derangement syndrome." They just can't bring themselves to support ANYTHING Trump supports. They want to stop Trump from having ANY success if they can. (Just common sense)

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