Tuesday, April 10, 2018

"Amateur Adjudication"

That's what they call it when a couple of (unnamed) lawyers who USED TO be connected with the Mueller "investigation" told them Mueller is "on the verge" of indicting President Trump on charges of obstruction of justice because they THINK he tried to block Mueller's "investigation" into the Russian Connection hoax. Never mind he has been completely UNABLE to find ANY evidence of such a collusion in more than a year of trying. One of the lawyers says, "I'd bet against the president," illustration just how outlandish a thing this is. Mueller is DESPERATE to find something, ANYTHING, to use against Trump, and possibly get him impeached. Something that's not going to happen UNLESS Dumocrats somehow pull off the IMPOSSIBLE and get their majority back in the next elections. He's so desperate, in fact, that he's going to try and use a "flight of fancy" as the basis for an indictment. We all know a prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich, and if he pulls it off, that's what he'll be doing. (Constitution)

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