Monday, April 30, 2018

"Cops Keep Us Safe"

The anti-gun fools confidently tell us that the cops can keep us safe from mass murderers. Oh? How have they done so far? How many were murdered in Las Vegas recently? How about Orlando, Florida, or Sutherland Springs, Texas? Were the cops able to do ANYTHING to stop these killings? How about elsewhere? Not a chance. But the anti-gun fools still think the cops can be everywhere so they can stop a mass shooter from killing people. But the cops will be the first to tell you they can't. The cops in the trenches will honestly tell you they wish more law-abiding people could carry guns, while the police politicians (who mostly have never been in the trenches where the real action happens) think otherwise. No, the cops CAN'T "keep us safe." All they can do in most cases is "take names" of victims and witnesses and clean up the gore and blood, and, MAYBE catch the bad guy, unless he killed himself after killing a bunch of innocent people, thus doing their jobs for them. This is yet another case where the anti-gun fools are too stupid to know how stupid they are, and that gets people killed. (Reason)

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