Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Gun Control Is Useless

The figures (real ones, not the phony ones posted by anti-gun fools) show that states that are side-by-side with different gun laws have similar gun death rates. Maryland and Georgia, for instance: Georgia is a "permissive" gun state, while Maryland is not. But both have almost identical gun death rates. California and Texas are not side-by-side in anything except their gun laws. Texas is "permissive," while California is not. Gun laws there are very tight. But per capita gun deaths are similar. All this proves that current gun laws don't do ANYTHING to limit gun deaths. Gun control fools know this (or should) but it makes no difference to them in the laws they make. Of course, most states have laws that prescribe stiffer penalties for the use of a gun in committing a crime. But those laws are commonly NOT enforced. They are used as "bargaining chips" to get convictions in other crimes. That smacks of lazy prosecutors, to me, as well as some lazy police work. Then, of course, there is the practice of anti-gun fools to include suicides in their "gun crime" stats to inflate their figures. so you can't depend on ANY figures they give you. (Washington Examiner)

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