Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Obama Gun Boom Ends

Americans are no longer afraid the government is going to take their guns away, leaving them defenseless against the ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of people who would do us harm, With Obama and his cohorts making daily attempts to do so, aided by Obama himself. gun purchases were at an all time high in his last year in office. But no more. Gun purchases are down a bit, because not as many people are afraid their government is going to go against the Constitution and take away their guns on one excuse or another. Yes, if you're PROVABLY insane, and a danger to yourself and/or others, or are a KNOWN criminal, it should be difficult for you to get a gun legally. Unfortunately, that doesn't stop you from stealing a gun, or buying one illegally out of some criminal's car trunk, in a back alley somewhere. Disarming law-abiding people who have never committed a crime is stupid. But anti-gun fools have never shown much intelligence. They have to know none of their laws work, but they keep insisting on making them, anyway. We need to elect some INTELLIGENT politicians who know it, and act on it. (Washington Times)

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