Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Obama Lied to America

He told us, in many ways, and using many of his henchmen, that Syria had sent ALL the "chemical weapons" to Russia, and Russia could be depended upon to keep them away from Assad. It was a LIE, and recent events PROVE that lie. Assad is now using poison gas on his CIVILIANS, mostly children and women. Not even restricting it to the soldiers who oppose him, which would be bad enough. Obama not only lied to us about Assad's chemical weapons, he lied to us about the nuclear weapons research being conducted by both Iran and N. Korea. He told us that research in Iran had been "reversed," and completely STOPPED in N. Korea. It has NOT. Under Obama, big words are said about such problems, and nothing gets done, as it is in most political administrations. Politicians just aren't USED to Trump's method, which is to actually SOLVE such problems, instead of just PRETENDING to have solved them. And "the swamp" doesn't like that. It's not the "status quo," and they can't handle it. That's why such "swamp denizens" as Senator McCain are blaming Trump for Syria's use of chemical weapons, while the blame should be placed directly on Obama's shoulders. Same is true of the nuclear aspirations of both N. Korea and Iran. Some people still think Obama was a good president. They are DELUDED. Most are Dumocrats, but there are some among Republicans, as well. (Just Common sense)

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