Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Swamp Fights Back

What accounts for the visceral hatred there seems to be for President Trump, in every facet of government, academia, the media, the judiciary, and every other bureaucracy in America? It's the swamp. The "swamp denizens" see their END coming if Trump is allowed to finish what he started, and promised to to. And Trump usually does exactly what he says he will do. They're frightened. They know they can't let Trump do wnat he has promised, so they hate him with a passion. They will do everything in their power to stop him. Mueller's "investigation" is but one part of their drive to "get rid of Trump," any way they can.

If they can't do it any other way, look for there to be an assassination attempt, hopefully not successful. They are deeply entrenched in all these bureaucracies. In media, they "condition" the "minds full of mush" to believe their lies. In the media, they spout the lies to reinforce the conditioning in academia. In government, itself, there are many "holdover" troops working daily to derail everything Trump does. Those are known as "career government workers." They are opposed by the millions of people who voted for Trump, and put him in the White House to accomplish the job of "draining the swamp." The swamp dwellers expose themselves by their very hatred, every time they show it.

Trump has had some success already in "draining the swamp," and the swamp dwellers hate that. It just infuriates them all the more. The Stormy Daniels thing is an illustration of how low they will go. It begs the question: "What is Stormy after?" According to her, she has already gotten a big payoff. What more does she want? Another payoff? Or has she just already gotten another big payoff from "the swamp" for her efforts to derail Trump's train? She says she wants to be able to tell the story of their "dalliance," but can't, because of a "non-disclosure agreement."

If there IS such an agreement, she has ALREADY violated it. What more can she tell, except to tell exatly what they're supposed to have done to each other 12 years ago? Her story might make a salacious best-seller, but not much more. And she's been in the "sex for money" business for years. Every time I hear somebody call Trump nasty names, I know I can increase my list of "swamp dwellers." (In Touch Weekly)

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