Monday, January 11, 2016

What WE Should Do

Saudi Arabia just executed 47 Islamic terrorists, including one Imam who was PROMOTING terrorism. They didn't just arrest them in put them into a special prison for a time, then release them to go back and murder more people. They CONVICTED them of terrorism, then EXECUTED them. Our policy toward Islamic terrorists is a JOKE. It does NOTHING to deter them from committing terrorist acts, and actually ENCOURAGES them. Frankly, when they're “caught in the act,” they should be killed on the spot. Not “taken into custody” and coddled for a few years, then released to kill again. I speak NOT of Muslims who have not committed crimes.Them, we should leave alone, but watch carefully.

They came here, even though their “Bible,” the Koran, tells them not to associate with unbelievers. They make as much trouble as they can, using our court system against us, with the ASSISTANCE of gullible judges and lawyers. But that doesn't necessarily rate a death sentence. But Muslim killers? They WANT to die, in the “service of Allah.” We should help them reach that goal, as soon as possible when they try and kill us. Forget imprisoning them for a while, then letting them go. Let them know that killing innocent people carries a PENALTY. It may not stop them, but when they're DEAD, they can't kill any more innocent people, including children. (The Blaze)

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