Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Typical Horse Manure

An elderly man shot and killed a burglar inside his home, and the burglar's family is mad as hell at him, saying, “He didn't warn the interloper before he shot him.” Since when is it incumbent upon a homeowner to WARN a CRIMINAL who is invading his home before shooting him? Maybe the burglar should have called that old man and given HIM advance warning that he intended to break in and steal his property! People really come up with some STUPID ideas in an effort to JUSTIFY crime and blame the VICTIM for what the CRIMINAL did, and the result thereof. It has become almost standard practice to blame the VICTIM these days, because liberals are dumb enough to allow it,. And liberals have wormed their way into way too many powerful positions, through lies and misdirection. That's what blaming the victim is, so they understand and approve of it. They just don't understand that if you're found ILLEGALLY inside somebody's house, you're LIABLE to be shot, and WITHOUT warning. Whoever finds you there will be afraid you want to kill THEM, so they will act accordingly. NO sympathy should be found for the family of such people. (Bearing Arms)

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