Friday, January 15, 2016

Al-Jazeera Shutting Down

Surprise, surprise! They spent billions of dollars to create a LOCAL propaganda source, and they lost. They really thought they could get enough Americans to view their propaganda, and use it as a “recruiting tool,” as they try on many other fronts. They didn't count on Americans being “wise to them” and staying away from their network like the plague. They made AlGore a billionaire, for nothing. But they don't really care. They steal more than that doomed venture cost them, every day. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Making Al-Jazeea popular would be like making a NAZI-based propaganda machine popular during WWII. That time, we were too smart. But this time, we were forced to let the market do it to them. I feel sorry for the Americans who went to work for them who lost their jobs, but that's what “consorting with the enemy” will get you. (Town Hall)

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