Thursday, January 14, 2016

What's This?

James Woods says we need to get guns and learn how to use them. That this goes exactly opposite to what is usually preached about guns by the Hollywood “intelligentsia” is obvious. I wonder how many movie roles he will lose because of this. But he's exactly right. When a CRIMINAL comes to your home or stops you on the street and holds you up at gunpoint, what will you do if you have no gun to use to oppose him? What will you do if you're in a crowd and a gunman starts shooting into the crowd? Or when one of the MILLIONS of Islamic terrorists Obama is letting into America (many at taxpayer expense) comes to kill you? Anti-gun fools say everybody owning and carrying guns will cause an increase in gun violence—and they're right—for a while, while honest people “kill off” those criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists who are using their ILLEGAL guns to victimize them, and then it will become mostly non-existent. (Eagle Rising)

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