Saturday, January 9, 2016

Fire In Houston Mosque

Was it a “hate crime?” Unless you consider hatred by a Muslim for Christians, not even. The only “hate crime” committed there was in the media and the “Committee on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR), a known Islamic terrorist-connected organization in the United States. The media immediately tried HARD to connect it with the “extreme right” and “Muslim haters.” CAIR did the same. But when the arsonist was found, it was a MUSLIM who regularly attended this mosque. What his motivation was is not known for sure,. But I suspect it was to incriminate Americans, trying to blame them for the fire. And he got massive assistance from the media and CAIR. You can look for more cases like this, as Muslims work assiduously to make it SEEM like they're being “oppressed” unnecessarily, even though it was brought on them by the actions of other Muslims, or maybe even themselves. (Hot Air)

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