Thursday, January 14, 2016

Well, I Predicted It

Just like Clinton (Bill) before him, Obama's next thing is to become Secretary General of the United Nations, where he can manipulate things so as to become King of the World. Clinton failed, and hopefully, so will he. The UN is a “toothless monster” under current management, and will remain so under Obama, if he ever makes it there. Except for the insufferable damage he can do to America. It seems he feels like his job of making America a “socialist partadise” is not yet finished,. And won't be in January, 2017. This fool has a head as big as all outdoors. He thinks he's the smartest man in the universe, and that will be his undoing, as people much smarter than him “take him down.” But, like that flea crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on its mind, his ambitions are much bigger than he can ever attain. He thinks the fools who bought him the presidency can do the same at the UN. But George Soros might have other ideas. If he does, Obama will be a goner. (Town Hall)

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