Sunday, January 10, 2016

How Many By Muslims?

Of 452 suicide attacks on innocent people worldwide last year, how many were done by Muslims? The answer is, 450! (All but 2!) And Muslims wonder why they're viewed with suspicion. They'll probably call this item “religious bigotry,” ignoring the facts, which show that Muslims are the biggest group of killers operating in the world. They think Muslims should be able to kill at will, without punishment. But they're not. Only in Muslim-run countries can they flout the law of reason with impunity. And even if they don't kill people (or not get caught, anyway), they still make as much trouble as they can, suing right and left for imagined slights and “offenses.” They demand “rights” that don't exist, like the right to pray while blocking the streets outside their mosques with their taxicabs. They demand time off to pray and a place to pray, when nobody else gets such “rights.” And they sue when they don't get it. They take jobs hauling alcohol, KNOWING that's part of the job, then sue when they get fired for not doing their jobs—and WIN in courts run by gullible judges. (The Blaze)

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