Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mom Faces Ten Years

For what? For oversleeping and not walking her nine-year-old son to school. TEN YEARS! When I was nine, my brother and I both walked six blocks to and from school every day, and we survived. This is an excellent example of the insane things liberals have done to this society with their “pipe dreams.” They're now wanting to have somebody ELSE than the student or his parents pay for college tuition. Like a college education was an ENTITLEMENT. I never got somebody ELSE to pay for college for me. And nobody even SUGGESTED that somebody should. We were much smarter then. And my life has been pretty good without it. That's the main problem with this society today. Too many people want a “free ride” at somebody else's expense (they don't care who, as long as they don't have to pay for anything). That's how Russia became a communist country—too many people who wanted a “free ride” without having the bother of EARNING it. And the communists took advantage of that, and took over. (Survival Joe)

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