Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"Christian? No Guns"

The anti-gun fools have come up with yet another absurd claim: “You can't be a Christian and be pro-gun,” hoping to con Christians over to their side. But it won't work. People are too smart for that. Christianity does NOT bar us from self-defense. This is just one more effort to screw people out of their rights, that are guaranteed by the Constitution. Don't fall for the exhortations of these imbeciles. Evangelicals, who ARE Christians, are the strongest supporters of gun rights. Larry Pratt, who runs Gun Owners of America, is an Evangelical Christian, and he says ALL Christians should be armed, in self-defense. He says that self defense is a “God-given right.” The Constitution merely guarantees it. He personally saw the results of gun violence, all of it done with ILLEGALLY OWNED guns. It is those ILLEGAL guns that create just about all the “gun violence,” not the LEGAL guns owned by law-abiding people. There ARE a few examples of gun violence committed by legal gun owners, but they are absolutely in the minority. That is proved by FACTS. (Just common sense)

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