Monday, January 25, 2016

Does He Regret It?

At the end of the most recent Democrat Debates, Andrea Mitchell asked Bernie if he “regretted bringing up Hillary's husband's sex escapades.” which shouldn't even BE a question. In a presidential race, NOTHING is “taboo,” and Bill's sex escapades is the “elephant in the room” and SHOULD be explored, since she was an ENABLER. I wouldn't even be surprised if she participated, but probably not. Notice that there has never been even a whisper about HER sexual activities, and I don't believe she's been WITHOUT all these years. She's not a priest, after all. Huma comes to mind. She's also an “enabler.” Some people would say I'm “no class” by suggesting that, but why not? Why Bernie should REGRET asking about Bill's “zipper down” policy would be a mystery to me if I just forgot that they're DEMOCRATS. In that party, you can be forgiven ANYTHING if you don't get caught. (News Busters)

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