Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Robbers Get Surprise!

In Chicago (Rahm town) where the gun laws are TIGHT, and criminals should not HAVE guns, two gun-wielding robbers walked into a T-Mobile store, attempting to rob it. Instead, the store clerk pulled out his own LEGAL gun and shot them both, therefore putting one more nail in the coffin of the anti-gun fools, who tell us all the time that a “good guy with a gun” won't make any difference in gun crime. He shot one of them in the “family jewels.” Both fled after being shot, with the armed store employee in “hot pursuit.” The article doesn't say whether or not the crooks were caught, but you can at least bet they won't be robbing any stores for a while. T-Mobile allows CCW holders to carry their guns at work (they're smart that way) I'd bet robbers who pay attention will go somewhere else to ply their trade if they don't want to lose the “family jewels.” This is probably the best advertising against being robbed there is.(Chicago Tribune)

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