Friday, January 1, 2016

Christie Pardons Marine

A Marine recruiter was arrested when he inadvertently drove into New Jersey with an UNLOADED gun in his glove compartment, which he forgot was there. The cops arrested him during a stop for failing to use a turn signal, one of the tiniest offenses in the books when they found that gun shut up in his glove compartment. What the hell they were doing going through his car on such a MINOR stop is beyond me. They're never get to search MY car that way, whether I have a gun or not. It's none of their business unless I'm using it to commit a crime. They probably intimidated him by telling him refusal to allow a search would make him seem guilty of something. That would never work on me. If they want to search my car, EVER, they're going to have to get a warrant. And if they hold up my movements until they get one, they'll be getting a huge lawsuit. I will OWN their agency. Christie “righted a wrong,” and for that, I commend him. (Breitbart)

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