Thursday, December 31, 2015

Muslims Kill Young Girl

She thought she was doing something good. She was radicalized by a Muslim “preacher” who has since been arrested for his role in “radicalizing” people in Austria. She and another girl went to Syria and “married” Islamic terrorists (Their way of making her a “sexual slave” for new recruits. Young girls are “choice” for Islamic terrorists). They thought they were “doing fine” until the actions of their hosts sickened them. One girl was “killed in action,” and another was used as a sex slave for new recruits after she let them know she was “done,” and wanted to leave, then MURDERED. This is how they operate. You're treated well until you object to their atrocities. Then you BECOME one. More measures should be taken to intercept these gullible children so they won't be taken in by the horse manure they're fed by the Islamic terrorist recruiters. (The Blaze)

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