Monday, December 14, 2015

Wasting Fossil Fuel

Talk about hypocritical! 150 Heads of State are flying to Paris for the “Climate Change Summit,” wasting millions of gallons of fossil fuels, supposedly to “help the environment.” They don't even consider how much it would help the environment if they just stayed home and didn't waste all that polluting fuel. And it wouldn't make a piffle of difference in the environment if they were absent. Climate Change is just about the biggest FRAUD and SWINDLE out there. “Climate change is CYCLICAL, and cannot be affected by anything man can do. But it has made AlGore, it's “prophet,” a billionaire, and given Obama and a lot of other politicians a lot of unearned power. It has also proven that politicians are the easiest bunch, as a group, to make fools of. (Town Hall)

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