Saturday, December 19, 2015

National Identification

It may be here. It has long been a “wet dream” of liberals, and now Obama has the opportunity to ALLOW the United Nations to REQUIRE it of every American, and I don't think he will pass the opportunity up. It can only happen if he ALLOWS it, and I have no doubt he WILL. They'll have to KILL me before I will allow it to happen to me or mine! The only way the American people will allow him to do that is by “not paying attention to politics,” as most of them do not.

They're too busy with their own pursuits (and that includes my own son), and Obama sees to it that the liberal media minimizes coverage of this outrage. The UN is RUN by representatives of the world's DICTATORS, all of whom have had mandatory ID for ALL their people as a “wet dream” for many years. This will give it to them, and we will NOT be the “only holdout,” since our liberals have also had this “wet dream,” and Obama will not pass this up. Thanks to my sister for bringing this to my attention. (Natural News)

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