Tuesday, December 15, 2015

But Will She Be Prosecuted?

Hillary's lies about her e-mails not containing classified information have been proved 1,000 times. Technically, she told the truth. Most of them weren't LABELED “classified.” But the information in them was so sensitive it SHOULD have been classified because ALL e-mails on business sent by, and received by, a Secretary of State ARE classified, by their very existence. But she ignored all that. Like Bill and Obama, she figured she was “above the law” and ignored it. Now we'll get to see if she really IS “above the law” when she is, or is NOT prosecuted for ignoring the law and playing “dangerous games” with classified information. If she still gets the Democrat nomination after all this, I won't be surprised at the imbeciles in the Democrat Party. But if she wins the general election, I will be ASTOUNDED at the STUPIDITY of the American people. I'm waiting to see. (Town Hall)

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