Thursday, December 24, 2015

Liberal Myths

Liberals love To cite statistics that don't exist. Then they repeat them over and over and the liberal media repeats them, again and again, hoping we're gullible enough to believe it. They lie, and the media swears to it. Example: One in Five Women In College Has Been Raped.” It's not true. How did they get there? Simple: redefine rape so that even some CONSENSUAL sex is said to be rape; “Spousal Abuse 'Skyrockets' On super Bowl Sunday.” That's based on false “research” and spread by the liberal media; “Ten Percent Of The Population Is Gay.” Another false statistic spouted by liberals and spread by the liberal media by often repeating it. The figure was once stated to be as high as 25%; “Ninety Seven Percent Of Scientists Agree That Global Warming Is Man-Made, And Dangerous.” How do you get such a figure? Find a tiny subset of scientists and quote only them, ignoring or criticizing those who disagree as being “behind the times.” Meanwhile, collecting billions of dollars to “fight it” and making more and more expensive laws and regulations that help you CONTROL us better and CON us out of more and more money. They cherry-picked 79 of 3,146 people who responded to a survey, CLAIMING to be “experts." This is NOT a “proven theory.” It's merely a “controversial UNPROVEN theory.” And its proponents want to PROSECUTE “unbelievers” who don't agree with their phony “research” because they have no arguments to support their thesis. (Town Hall)

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