Monday, December 28, 2015

What Kind of Fools...?

Do we hire as “school officials?” If school officials in a Muslim-run country tried to force their students to sing a CHRISTIAN song, they'd be beheaded. So why does a “school official” in Blaine, MN, think he/she/it can (or should) get away with forcing his/her students to sing “Allahu Akbar” instead of a Christmas song in a Christian country? I know we wouldn't behead this fool, but that decision CAN be reversed and that “official” fired.. Yes, I know Muslims think “Allah” is the only true god. But they're wrong. Allah is just one of God's many names. That is, if Islam is a TRUE religion, to which I say, “nay!” It is a political system DISGUISED as a “religion,” designed to allow them to be able to take advantage of the “perks” we give to REAL religions, and allows them to stifle ANY criticism by calling it “religious persecution." It's an ingenious scam, but some of us can see through it. (Town Hall)

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