Saturday, December 12, 2015

Found Weapons In Mosques

France has decided to take a REALISTIC direction in the fight against Islamic terrorism after the massacre recently in Paris. Now, instead of just “watching” the Islamic terrorists they KNOW are plotting more terror attacks, they're RAIDING them and putting them in prison. And they're doing something Obama wouldn't DREAM of doing, raiding the MOSQUES they know contain arms and teach the killing of “non-believers.” In doing so, they have uncovered many “nests” of killers who are not only being CONDITIONED to kill people, they are ARMED to do it, too. In raiding several mosques, they found many automatic weapons and lots of handguns.

The Muslim terrorists have had it so easy under previous policies, they don't even bother to hide their weapons because they thought they had the “authorities” sufficiently cowed by their cries of “religious persecution” that they would never raid them. They were wrong. They went too far in that Paris action. They “wakened the sleeping giant” and are now suffering for it—until the liberals regain their foothold so they can continue to protect Muslims. Hopefully that will never happen. The “infestation” of Muslim extremists continues, with Obama using OUR money to PAY FOR their transport to this country. His stupidity knows no bounds. Maybe after he's gone (if that ever happens) his successor will emulate the French and “clean out” a few of these “nests of vermin.”

Most Muslims ARE Basically good people, who have been conditioned to actions that are an anathema to Americans. Actions like “honor killings,” killing their own daughters because they were raped, and screwing little boys (and girls) as a “cultural thing.” Now they're afraid of retaliation because of Islamic terrorists,. And they're right. Maybe if they “got their guts on” and condemned the actions of the Muslim extremists, they might blunt that, somewhat. Yes, that would be dangerous for them. But better to be afraid of their own, whom they can IDENTIFY, than all Americans, who are “rightfully indignant” of KNOWN Muslims with NO criticism from them. (Hot Air)

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