Sunday, December 27, 2015

"Live And Let Live," Huh?

That's what gay activists told us when they finally managed to get same sex marriage legalized in America—not by law, by liberal OPINION. So if anybody refuses to “live and let live,” they'll find themselves in court, fighting a “homophobe” label and it will cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars, if recent court decisions are to be believed. We're supposed to have the right to make our own decisions, and to talk about them, under the First amendment of the Constitution. But not where it concerns gays. They are DEMANDING that we not only don't oppose them, but that we APPROVE of them. If we don't they'll sue us, and they “cherry pick” judges to insure they get big money judgments. One florist, who would not provide flowers for a same sex “marriage” was found guilty of “discrimination against gays.” But would that same judge penalize somebody for refusing to provide flowers for a KKK wedding? (Minuteman News)

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