Friday, December 18, 2015

Many Questions

Is the Obama administration purposely bungling the investigation into the San Bernardino atrocity? They “talk a good game” about how many people all over the world are intensively investigating this crime. Then they allow the landlord of the residence of the killers to open it to a horde of media people who filled the house for hours, picking things up and examining them, maybe even putting some in their pockets, and generally destroying whatever evidence that may remain there, just DAYS after the killings.

They usually, as a matter of routine, take custody of any personal vehicles at the scene belonging to the "suspects," but they left one here. Why? Now, if they need to come back and search for more evidence, they cannot, since the scene has been roundly compromised. Meanwhile, nobody seems interested in the question: “Where did this couple, with the usual salary of a low-level bureaucrats, get the money to build up such an “armory”” as was found in their home? The cost of the explosives alone is estimated at $30,000.00. where did that money come from?

Was it sent them by ISIS or one of any number of Islamic terrorist organizations in the world, with people IN San Bernardino? And, as usual, even though investigators have SAID this is now a “terrorist investigation,” one word is still missing from their description: “Islamic.” Even though both killers were Muslims, and the woman, at least, declared her allegiance to ISIS moments before opening fire and killing 14 innocent people. Are they doing things to quietly bungle this investigation on orders from Obama, who says he STILL doesn't believe ISIS is a “direct threat” to the United States? (The Blaze)

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