Friday, December 11, 2015

Those Clowns In DC

Once again, both Obama and Kerry have revealed their abysmal STUPIDITY, by BOTH saying the terrorists (not saying “Islamic,” of course) are “neutralized,” just before their massive attack in Paris. This attack might not have killed 3,000, as did 9/11, but it still killed a lot of innocent people (who seem to be their main targets: unarmed people who don't even know they're being targeted). You know, people who aren't likely to fight back and kill a few of the cowards. Those clowns in DC refuse to even see the POSSIBILITY of the terrorists being “Islamic,” even though the terrorists have gone out of their way to make us KNOW they are.

If our “leaders” won't even identify our enemies, how can we hope to beat them? Hillary has made a solid statement that the terrorists are NOT “Islamic,” though all INTELLIGENT people know they ARE. Obama makes a few insignificant “sorties” against them that accomplish nothing, then brag about how he's “destroying” ISIL (not ISIS, of course) the use of the ISIL name instead of ISIS is “code” meaning he doesn't recognize Israel as a real sovereign state. Good news for the Islamic terrorists. We need to “neutralize” those clowns in DC. (Town Hall)

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