Saturday, December 5, 2015

When Guns Are Outlawed"

“Only outlaws will have guns.” An “old wives tale” that is based on a basic TRUTH. Because criminals and other miscreants don't bother to get licenses or forego having their guns. Criminals don't obey ANY law. That's why they're called criminals. The only thing gun laws do is guarantee armed criminals a steady supply of unarmed “easy targets.” And soon they will be joined by Islamic terrorists, who are coming here by the hundreds of thousands, many of whose passage is PAID FOR by Barack Hussein Obama, who says people who object to that are “shameful.” I say, OBAMA is “shameful.” He says they “vet” them closely, but that's a LIE, like most of what he says. With WHAT? There are no databases in the Middle East that contain their names and histories.

What is there to “vet” them FROM? And most of the “refugees” who are being allowed in are NOT women, children, or old folks. Most of them are young, strong, military-age MEN. If Obama refuses to see their “invasion,” I feel sorry for him, and for America. We'll be the ones who suffer from his stupidity. He's surrounded by ARMED men, at all times. The anti-gun fools make big noise about cops in Britain not carrying guns. Same for many cops in France. But in Britain, gun crime has soared 35% since they banned guns, and i suspect, more than that. And I don't even have to tell you about the gun atrocities in Paris the other day, or about the gun violence in a satire newspaper office before that that killed eleven people, plus two UNARMED cops. (Town Hall)

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