Saturday, December 26, 2015

Cops Overdoing It

In some police groups, the anti-gun fools among them are ready to panic. They just proved it in Watkins, Colorado, when the Adams County Sheriff got a call that there was a “man with a gun” there in a bar. So the sheriff's SWAT team, in full force, including an armored car and many men armed with assault weapons, bullet-proof vests and helmets, RAIDED “Lulu's Bar” and found—a microphone stand that had been being carried on stage by a band member (which somebody mistook for a gun). Nobody was injured, thankfully, except maybe for several heart patients who were scared out of their wits when the cops busted in. There was probably the need for quick laundry service for some of the patrons, too. Seems to me that some police agencies TEND to overreact when the WHISPER about a gun is sounded, even when they don't know if the gun is legally carried, or not. It might even be an off duty cop. But they panic and overdo it. They scare people to death and open themselves to lawsuits, which the taxpayers end up paying for. I wonder how much this SWAT response cost the county—in which I live, by the way, and pay taxes. In the West, they USED TO be intelligent about guns. I guess that's no more. (Guns 'n'Freedom)

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