Monday, December 21, 2015

War Against Islam?

A recent ISIS recruiting video says the West is “at war with Islam.” What a load of horse manure THAT is! They talk about the “weakness” of American troops, and they're right. They ARE weak today, because of Obama's INSANE “rules of war.” He refuses to allow us to counter attack ANY time there's a SMALL CHANCE of injury or death to “civilians.” Forgetting completely that EVERY ISIS member IS a “civilian.” They HIDE among civilians for this expressed purpose: so Obama's troops are “emasculated.” In at least one case, a helicopter with enough firepower to wipe out a small city was fired upon with a rocket bomb fired from MOSQUE in Iraq. That makes it no longer a “holy place,” but a hideout for KILLERS. They could have wiped that mosque off the face of the Earth, but were told “NO,” for political reasons by Obama's minions. The only reason I saw that video is Hillary's claim that Trump is featured in it. But that's another of her calculated LIES. He is NOT featured in it. Obama and her husband, BILL Clinton, ARE. Liberals love to say this country is “at war with Islam,” but that's a LIE! We're at war with EXTREMIST Muslims only! Not Muslims, in general. Extreme Muslims have declared war on US! That's their usual LIE to convince people WE'RE wrong, It won't fly with INTELLIGENT people. But are there enough IGNORANT people in this country to make that work? I don't THINK so. (Red State)

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