Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Way Too Often

Mass shootings these days are happening way too often to suit me, or anybody else, except the shooters. And Obama and the rest of the government can't figure out what to do about it. Their only answer is to stop LEGAL gun sales for honest people. They establish “no-gun zones” (which “bad guys ignore), create databases of gun owners, and require gun buyers to “jump through many hoops” to be able to buy a gun. Many times they require them to “show cause” why they might need a gun, and WAIT, during which they sometimes get killed. Today's news is ample “cause” in my book.

With people showing up “out of the blue” wherever crowds gather and shooting indiscriminately into the crowd, not to speak about individual shooters like the man in Chicago who came into a convenience store and was holding a clerk at gunpoint when he was shot to death by a legally-armed customer, to the consternation of the criminal's family, who thought he was a “good boy just trying to get his life back in order.” Obama and his goons try their best (worst) to DISARM America, which is the WORST thing he (and other politicians) could do, since making ourselves DEFENSELESS is not the way to self-defense. Very few of the mass shooters or criminals who use guns to do violence get their guns legally. And if they do it kinda proves all their laws don't do ANYTHING to stop, or even slow down, gun violence, somehow the “bad guys” always get their guns.

And with Obama approving 100,000 Islamic terrorists (in some case, paying their way) to come here, the gun violence is going to go up. The Muslim psyche is to get a gun and go shoot anybody who displeases them, even if they aren't Muslim extremists, And with most of those “Muslim refugees” coming in being MEN of a “fighting age, gun violence can only get worse, laws or no laws. We have to be PREPARED to oppose them. There is no better defense than an offense. And without our own guns, there IS no offense. All we can do is run or be dead when faced with a fool with a gun. I've only owned a gun once in my life, back when my business required me to carry a lot of money over the weekend when banks were closed (There were no ATMs back then).

But that's going to change. I WILL have a gun. Anybody who tries to attack me is going to get a surprise. If he shoots me it will be the last thing he does in his life. But it's time our politicians “wised up” and figured out that all their highly touted gun laws have not made a whit of difference, and let us defend ourselves. Will that increase gun violence? Maybe, for a while, as we teach those “bad guys” a lesson and get rid of most of them. But in the long run, crime and just shootings will go down, and we can begin to live in a little more peace. As Robert Heinlein said, “An armed society is a polite society.” Obama says, “We're making it a little harder for bad guys to get guns.” Not a bit of it. His laws are making it EASIER. And will continue to do so until he and other politicians get some COMMON SENSE. (Just Common Sense)

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