Friday, December 11, 2015

Muslim Brotherhood IN White House

Did you know that 76 members of the Muslim Brotherhood are now working for the Department of Homeland Security? And did you also know that Obama has been FINANCING ISIS through Swiss bank accounts? We now have irrefutable proof of that. This is not about simply being a Muslim. It is about Muslims with KNOWN connections to the Muslim Brotherhood (a known terrorist organization with direct connections to ISIS) holding powerful, important offices WITHIN our government, with the knowledge and approval of Obama, while Obama FINANCES ISIS on the QT, with YOUR money. FBI Director John Brennan, is a converted Muslim. Obama's senior adviser is a Muslim AND a communist. I haven't the space or the time to specify all the treasonous saboteurs there are in powerful positions in Obama's government, so read the linked article, which has other links that will prove the depths of the “infestation” of Muslim extremists IN Obama's administration. Yes, the link is to a “right-wing” organization. Nobody else will report it. (Freedom Outpost)

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