Thursday, December 17, 2015

Words of Truth

William W, Johnstone and J. A. Johnstone put out a prodigious number of books, even though William, himself died several years ago. His protege, J. A. Johnstone, continues the good work, pretty seamlessly. He wrote mainly Westerns,. But his “Ashes” series was great, too. That was the one that really made his name, and rightly so, they're all good, but the best I can see right now are the books set in today's world which chronicle today's real life, in which he tells a basic truth. In one book, “The Bleeding Edge,” set in today's Texas, tells about the effect of the Mexican drug cartels on the American Southwest, and what happens when Americans stop cowering and fight back effectively. One paragraph I just read, told the story of today graphically: Speaking of the federal government, a drug kingpin, in instructing one of his killers said, “....the ones who run the American government? Ha!” Scorn dripped from the senor's words as he continued. “They fear something even worse. They fear being accused of not being tolerant. They fear being accused of being racist! And worst of all, they fear not being re-elected. Because of that, they issue rules under which their DEA and their so-called Border Patrol have to operate, rules that make certain those agencies have little or no chance of ever accomplishing anything, They spend less and less money on enforcing the law and spend more on giving handouts to bankers and insurance companies and sending money to people who never paid taxes in the first place. They say they want to control guns, and yet they give guns to us. Us! Your old grandmother is more dangerous to us than the toothless American government, This is our day! We do what we want.” (William W. Johnstone/J. A.Johnstone) Confession: I get no benefit from this recommendation. I just felt this book was so superior it merited mention..

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