Monday, December 28, 2015

Does Anybiody Really Care?

We all know that al-Jazeera is the Islamic terrorist “mouthpiece” in America, and they “report” whatever they want as ordered by the Islamic terrorists. That's why they ran a phony “expose” of several well-known football players, claiming they used “performance enhancing drugs,” when they did NOT. Denver Bronco quarterback Peyton Manning was one of them and he calls it “garbage,” which could describe EVERYTHING that comes out of al-Jazeera. The year in which they say he used them was a year in which he didn't even PLAY, since he was recovering from neck surgery. That's about as phony as it is. But then, you can expect that from al-Jazeers. They know football is popular in America, so they run their “expose” to create havoc there, plus cost some people a lot of money. (InForum)

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