Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Getting A Day Off

I wonder if this “threat” to Los Angeles schools was fostered by a school child, jealous of all the children in Denver and other parts of the nation who get frequent “snow days” off whenever two snow flakes come down and decided to get their own “day off? Probably not, this time, since the “threat” came from overseas (I remember walking six blocks to school with snow banks over my head and snow still coming down when I was a kid. Few “snow days” then.”). But how easy would it be for one of today's “computer savvy” kids to send such a “warning” and get a day off, mandated by their “frightened” school officials? Frankly, any “school official” who would punish a 6-year-old for drawing a PICTURE of a gun, or threatening him with adult charges of sexual abuse when he doesn't even know what sex IS, for kissing a little girl, would easily fall for such a scam.  Update: In the final analysis, it was found to be a hoax.(Twitchy)

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