Friday, December 4, 2015

The Unanswerable Question

Hillary, what are your most outstanding accomplishments? Hillary has been asked that question many times, and cannot come up with an answer. In one case, she tried valiantly to score some book sales by telling the questioner to “Just read my book” (of lies). But alas, it didn't work. Nobody's interested in reading her ”Book of Lies." My answer to her answer there would be, “If you HAD any “accomplishments,” you'd be able to just tell me what they are, not try to score some book sales. Lately her staffers have been going out of their way to shield her from that question because they are suffering under the painful knowledge that there IS no answer to that question.

She tried to take credit for several accomplishments of OTHERS, such as her husband and Congress. Things she had NOTHING to do with. Many of what she thinks are “accomplishments: are merely “freebie giveaways” or movement toward socialism. One “accomplishment” she doesn't want to own up to is how she got where she is in the first place: enduring the worst marriage in history so she could hang onto Bill Clinton's coattails to gain power and riches. Another is “gritting her teeth” and helping to quell his “Bimbo Eruptions.” And THIS is our Democrat “front-runner” on the presidential front. Go figure. (Town Hall)

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