Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Cat Out of the Bag

The New York Post gets trashed by liberals for changing its headline on the front page from “Murder Mission” to “Muslim Killers.” Never mind what they were reporting WAS “Muslim killers.” The liberals want to keep that information “tamped down” so they can continue to say “There isn't much Islamic terrorism in this country.” Why liberals are trying to hide it, I don't know. They CAN'T be wishing to LIVE under a Muslim-run government, which will control EVERYTHING, including telling women how to pee in public under their robes without anybody seeing anything, and REQUIRING you to convert to Islam whether or not you want to. The liberals (led by Obama) are doing their best to MINIMIZE the effects of Islamic terrorists on us. That's just stupidity (But stupidity is a requirement for liberals (and by extension, Democrats) (Twitchy)

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