Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rahm's Scapegoat

Rahm Emanuel, the just re-elected mayor of Chicago, has fired his police commissioner because the video of the cops shooting and killing that black male and continuing to shoot him, long after he was dead, was not released for a YEAR after it happened. Anybody who thinks the commissioner did that without consulting “hizzonor” is an imbecile. But when it WAS released, and SOMEBODY needed to go to protect “hizzonor,” the “commish” was the next in line. The reason it was withheld was to keep from “shooting down” the mayor's re-election. And when he got re-elected, they released it to let the “chips fall.” But they didn't plan on so much outrage. This just proves that trusting an Obama operative is a big mistake. (Conservative Byte)

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