Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It's NOT Their Religion

Donald Trump is talking about not allowing Muslims in UNTIL this administration (or the next one) figures out how to properly “vet” the “refugees.” It is NOT about religion. It's about separating the so-called “peaceful Muslims” from the Muslim KILLERS, which, contrary to what Obama and his accomplices say is NOT a “small minority” of Muslims coming in and are coming in by the thousands. With 100,000 Muslims coming in (at OUR expense), if ONE PERCENT are Muslim extremists, that's TOO MANY. Since it's so difficult to tell the difference, we need to do SOMETHING to keep these murderers from coming in.

Since Muslims are very obvious in the clothes they wear, and the required beards and little “beanies” their men wear, looking at all Muslims is just COMMON SENSE. We're not banning them because of their RELIGION, we would be banning them as a SECURITY measure because, while there ARE some “peaceful Muslims” among them, they are, as a group, somebody to look at, very closely. I don't agree with what Roosevelt did to the Japanese during WWII, but wasn't that equally unconstitutional (And since when does Obama care what the Constitution says?)? FDR put them in “camps” because he thought they bore watching.

It wasn't right, and I'm not suggesting we do that to Muslims. But watching them CLOSELY is only common sense. Add to that, the tendency for even “peaceful Muslims” to “take issue” with things we do, and sue to change them, their religion DOES have something to do with it. I speak here, of stories like the Muslim truck drivers who hired on the haul liquor, then refused to do it, sued, and got a six figure settlement over their firing for refusing to deliver the booze, even though they knew, when hired, that was part of the job (and many other cases where Muslims were “offended” by our actions and practices). So even “peaceful Muslims” make a lot of trouble for Americans. (Breitbart)

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