Monday, December 21, 2015

Total Incompetence

The New York Daily News cover illustrated shows graphically how incompetent some people are. Everybody, from Obama on down, really think simply making a LAW limiting the number of people who can have guns will stop gun violence. They ignore the unalterable fact that criminals don't OBEY laws. Neither do crazies, nor Islamic terrorists, who are coming here by the hundreds of thousands, at taxpayer expense, whether we like it, or not. Our demagogic president is seeing to it. They continue to do so, even as continuing events prove that, time and time again. That's INCOMPETENCE. Both in governing, for politicians, and in reporting, for the media. And there seems to be no end to their opposition to reality. They slam people who pray after such shootings with a cover that says, “God Isn't Fixing This.” In their anti-gun cover, they compare the “permanent” vice-president of the NRA to the many rabid crazy killers because he supports the idea that DISARMING Americans does NOT lead to self-defense. (Vanity Fair)

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