Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Just Ignore It

If you're a “global warming religion” acolyte and some pesky FACT comes up to prove your “religion” all wrong, how do you handle that? Why, you just ignore it, as the liberal media seems to be doing with news that NASA has found that Antarctica has GAINED more ice than it has lost? Or findings that the “globe” has NOT been “warming” for fifteen years? You just ignore it, of course, and if you're a member of the liberal media, you don't report it. You keep on “reporting” the phony figures AlGore's “bought and paid for climate scientists” feed you, hoping the world will believe them. At the same time, you change the name of the swindle to something that can be used to swindle money (and power) out of people even if it turns colder OR hotter. Something like “Climate Change.” (Town Hall)

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